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Celeste Thexton

Graphic Designer specialising in Brand Identity, Illustration & Advertising Design 


I love collaborating and getting involved with others so please get in touch if you want to get to know more about me!

Hackney, London, UK


Brand Identity, Logo Design


Angler, an ethically designed lamp created by Keith Gaskell, required a full brand design, from logo to we web design. They wanted a bold brand that gave a natural, industrial feel. The brand needed to emphasise modernism, home comfort and sustainability. 


Brand Identity, Logo Design


Commonly required a complete brand design including, logo design, web designs, social media work and package design. They wanted a youthful, luxury styled branding, mainly aimed at a feminine audience but enough versatility to work amongst any gender group.

Let's Talk About 'It'

Spacial Design, Poster Design, Concept


In collaboration with UAL, I created these posters to provide an easier access to their online Sexual Health section to encourage learning around the subject. 


Illustration, Package Design, Concept


Illustrative boxing hand wraps which teach the student how to mentally prepare for a fight. These were designed for the young students at Box Up Crime.

UAL Festive Digital Greetings

Motion Design