Memory Conflict

‘We tend to think of memories as information stowed in our brains for future use. However, they are only built when we retrieve them. It isn’t until you called the event to mind that you created a mental representation of what happened. What we remember will also be affected by whether we consider it to be useful.’- Catherine de Lange (2018).

It’s astonishing how important our memory is when it comes to learning lessons, bonding with others and building our character. The malleability of memory is incredibly adaptive, something most of us aren’t that aware of.


For this project, I wanted to create work that informed people on the knowledge I had learnt about memory malleability and how it’s common and completely normal to experience clashes in memory, especially after a traumatic happening. Although a serious topic, I didn’t want to share the information I had learnt as in-depth. So, I decided that I would present it through choosing a light-hearted story. I chose an amusing story of when my friend, Emily, and her mum, Karen, went on a seaside holiday to Sandbanks. This then led me to creating a film which I imagined working in an installation in an exhibition space for people to experience. I wanted to reassure peoples worries of struggles with their memory highlighting  the “normality”.